About Us

Business Beyond Borders

Offering responsive, personal service to online sellers worldwide since 2006, DalPay Retail allows you to sell internationally, across borders. DalPay Retail bridges the gap between shopping online and selling online. We offer secure checkout, order tracking, risk management, billing support and more - all through one integrated e-commerce solution.

Secure Online Shopping

DalPay Retail retails products for many thousands of suppliers on the Internet. When you shop with DalPay Retail, you start by viewing products on the supplier's web site. When you're ready to make a purchase, you are seamlessly redirected to DalPay Retail's secure online transaction system to complete your order. For your convenience, we accept credit/debit card and alternative payment methods. DalPay Retail never shares full payment card information with suppliers.

A Division of Snorrason Holdings

Snorrason Holdings is a privately held family company headquartered in DalvĂ­k, Iceland. Snorrason Holdings ehf through its operating companies holds the family's primary interests in online payment processing including brands such as DalPay Retail, CCNow and MountPay.

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