Platform Overview

Guides on how to use DalPay Retail

DalPay Retail Platform Overview

2.1 How does DalPay Retail work?

DalPay Retail is an online retailer, and our suppliers are our fulfillment agents. You direct customers and traffic to DalPay Retail's e-commerce system (either via a buy now button, Open Source shopping cart, or Transaction Post API), and we take care of the rest. Credit and debit card processing, alternative payment methods, fraud screening, Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant security, and billing support. We enable your products to be sold internationally, across borders, to expand your market reach. DalPay Retail has years of experience in dealing with international transactions. You won't have any ongoing processing fees unless you make a sale.

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2.2 Supported Currencies

Present prices in any world currency. Charge cards and receive settlement in any of the following world currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD, HKD, DKK, SEK or NOK.

(Some cards and payment types do not charge in every currency but you may present prices to checkout in their own currency.)

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2.3 Supported Languages

DalPay's Secure Hosted Checkout currently supports 24 languages and 150+ currencies at checkout to provide localized checkout when you need it.

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2.4 Chargebacks

A chargeback dispute is a forced refund from a customer's payment card issuing bank. Keeping chargebacks low is obviously in both DalPay Retail's and our Suppliers' best interests. DalPay Retail will issue disputes against applicable chargebacks to attempt to regain the funds. It is important to keep DalPay Retail's system updated with any relevant tracking information so that information can be used to fight the chargeback. There is a limited time frame to fight a chargeback. For more information, please see the chargeback info page or our tips on reducing chargebacks.

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2.5 Affiliate Marketing Features

DalPay Retail offers a confirmation page affiliate code setting in each order page for your affiliate tracking code(s).

As the confirmation receipt page is only displayed after the customer has successfully paid, you can safely include your JavaScript and static script tags here to track conversions. (They are included invisibly at the top of the page.)

You must use only the SSL (https:) versions of affiliate tracking codes, for example Google Analytics tracking links.

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2.6 Payment Methods, Schedule, & Reserves

DalPay Retail settles by SWIFT and IBAN wire transfer/EFT.

You can set a custom payment schedule to limit the times you are paid to save on banking fees, by setting a threshold to withhold payment.

DalPay Retail currently pays its suppliers weekly, two weeks in arrears, or monthly on the first day of the month (or on the next available banking day if those dates fall on a weekend or bank holiday). Standard payment reserve policies are a 5% or 10% rolling reserve depending on a risk assessment of your business and products.

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2.7 Customer Service Information

DalPay Retail has offices in Dalvík, Iceland for premium, non-offshored customer service. Our local agents take care of the needs of both Suppliers and Customers. Our phone support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm GMT. Email turn-around time is within two business days under our standard Service Level Agreement, but often much sooner. We know our stuff and are here to help!

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2.8 Product Variations & Options

Different product variations are supported. You can set a default currency, although the shopping cart may convert that amount based on the customer selection and payment type.

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2.9 Prohibited Products & Compliance

DalPay Retail allows sales of both digital items or services and physically shipped items. Please use the online rate offer tool with information such as your URL, product description, and sales estimates to get an instant rate offer.

Click here to view products that are prohibited from sale on DalPay Retail. Sexually explicit images or links are not permitted on supplier websites without DalPay Retail's prior approval.

All Suppliers must display the DalPay Retail logo and/or statement that DalPay Retail is their online retailer to make it clear to customers that they are purchasing from DalPay Retail. Credit and debit card logos used on your website must comply with card association rules.

All products sold on DalPay Retail must be legal for sale in all areas into which they are sold. Suppliers cannot enter orders on behalf of customers unless with an approved PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance and SAQ, as Suppliers are not allowed to see sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers.

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2.10 Returns & Refunds

Please review DalPay Retail's Refund Policy. DalPay Retail offers a 30-day money back guarantee to its customers (depending on the type of merchandise) to increase customer confidence and boost sales. A refund will be issued if a Supplier does not respond to an Open Inquiry within 3 business days, so be sure to resolve any customer issues and requests promptly.

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