Supplier FAQs

Guides on how to use DalPay Retail

Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

3.1 How can I get paid more frequently?

DalPay Retail can pay you weekly, two weeks in arrears assuming your risk profile does not require delayed, monthly settlement.

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3.2 Does DalPay Retail offer a referral/affiliate program?

DalPay Retail does offer partner referral programs. Contact us to inquire about terms and compensation terms.

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3.3 What languages does DalPay Retail support?

Currently, the DalPay Retail hosted shopping cart supports checkout in 24 languages.

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3.4 Does DalPay Retail work on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes. The Seller Menu can be accessed from these devices, and the DalPay Checkout hosted payment page works fine on modern mobile devices and tablets.

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