Technical Integration Overview

Guides on how to use DalPay Retail
(Existing DalPay Retail Payment Modules & Plug-ins)

Introduction to Integration

What is DalPay Checkout?

It is DalPay’s hosted payment page integration method for credit and debit cards, plus alternative payment methods, that securely handles all of the steps in processing a transaction, including:

  • Collection of customer payment information through a secure hosted form,
  • Generation of a receipt page with a copy to the customer by email,
  • Secure transmission to DalPay's payment gateway for transaction processing,
  • Secure storage of cardholder information (including for optional recurring billing).

DalPay Checkout does not require clients to collect, transmit or store sensitive cardholder or bank account information to process transactions.

DalPay Checkout is equivalent to’s SIM (Server Integration Method) or Simple Checkout.

NOTE: If you wish collection of customer payment information securely on your website instead of using DalPay Checkout you must obtain a direct merchant account from a supported acquiring bank and implement DalPay Direct (1Mb PDF guide).

Simple Buy Now Buttons or Shopping Cart/API Integration

Use a simple buy now button, or post customer contact and address information securely to DalPay Retail (via Shopping Cart or API Integration).

DalPay Retail Checkout’s co-branded checkout sequence prompts the user for their payment card details on DalPay Retail's secure web form or redirects them (if required) for online bank ePayment transactions and 3-D Secure authentication.

See the 'DalPay Retail Developer' menu to the left for API documentation, starting with the Transaction Post API.

To integrate DalPay Checkout into your platform, please email

(If you produce or support a shopping cart not on our existing plug-ins list and would like to make a DalPay Checkout Payment Module or Plug-in, please email