Tips For Success

Guides on how to use DalPay Retail

Tips For Success

4.1 How to decrease the risk of chargebacks

Always be up front with the customer. Make sure to set accurate expectations about delivery times, and be clear to explain to them that they will be purchasing from DalPay Retail. Be sure to keep in contact with the customer, informing them about order status and responding to any questions they may have.

Adding tracking numbers and delivery confirmations is also very important. If we receive a chargeback the chance of reversing it is much more successful if the tracking number is already in our system. We have a limited time frame to respond to disputes, and each day that passes decreases the likelihood of winning the dispute.

Ensure the product descriptions are accurate on your website, and that you give them an easy way to contact you if they have questions. DalPay Retail is happy to answer customer’s billing questions when they call in to us, or contact us by email, and we will do all we can to prevent chargebacks. You may set additional settings in the Seller Menu to restrict if customers can ship to alternate addresses. Also, keep in mind that we try to obtain AVS (Address Verification System) information for all orders, however, on some orders it may be unavailable. Before shipping orders, please pay attention to any fraud warnings we may give for a particular order and feel free to contact us to perform secondary screening on the order for you at no additional cost.

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4.2 Increase customer satisfaction

Be sure to answer any questions from customers in a timely fashion. Strive to answer questions absolutely no longer than three business days, but answering within one day is best. If you will be out of the office or unable to respond, set an automatic message for customers placing an order, and we suggest you contact us so we can notate your account in case a customer inquiry or question comes in.

Be sure to ship orders promptly, and to provide valid tracking numbers. This will allow the customer to view an accurate picture in the online tracking tool. If there is an issue with an order, contact the customer.

It’s all about staying in contact and being upfront! Make sure products and shipping policies are accurately displayed so customers know what to expect, and have contact information available easily on the website.

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4.3 Tips to increase your sales

Presenting a professional appearance is very important, and will help boost your sales. DalPay Retail keeps track of close-cart ratios and makes this information available to clients upon request. New development will be aimed at increasing these ratios. You can add a co-branded look to our hosted payment page via custom CSS, and use one of the available shopping cart modules to integrate with the platform you are using. Ensuring a smooth transition from your site to ours, for the customer to buy, is important.

Quality of products and the delivery time will help ensure return customers. Offering previous customers coupon codes for discounts in conjunction with welcome back campaigns can be very successful. DalPay Retail is committed to growing your sales.

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