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Sell Anytime to Anyone, Worldwide with Confidence!

Offering responsive, personal service to online sellers worldwide since 2006, DalPay Retail is your solution. We offer you everything you need to start selling online - today. DalPay Retail offers acceptance of major credit and debit cards (plus alternative payment methods).

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What is DalPay Retail?

DalPay Retail is an online retailer and provider of online checkout services. We assist you in selling your products or services online easily.

Whether you need a plug-in to your existing online shop or platform, or to just quickly and easily add e-commerce functionality to your website, we can help.

What can I sell using DalPay Retail?

DalPay Retail allows sales of both digital items or services and physically shipped items. Please review our Prohibited Items list to see what we do not resell.

Automatic recurring billing is supported for both services and physically shipped items.

Do I need a merchant account?

Not at all. As DalPay Retail is the retailer reselling your products, we offer a merchant account alternative. We provide much more than simple credit and debit card processing.

DalPay Retail handles billing support, fraud reviews, and all the processing behind the scenes.