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For acceptable logos to use on your website, please see Supplier Acceptable Logos.

Acceptable Language

As explained in the DalPay Retail 'Supplier Agreement and Operating Regulations', it is important to the credit card schemes and DalPay Retail that the relationship between Supplier vendors and DalPay Retail is not misrepresented.

DalPay Retail does not confer card scheme merchant status upon Supplier. DalPay Retail is the card scheme merchant and acts as an authorized retail sales outlet for Supplier. Supplier shall not conduct itself in a manner that will endanger DalPay Retail's merchant status, including without limitation, misrepresenting the relationship between DalPay Retail and Supplier.

Suppliers should represent DalPay Retail as an authorized retailer or reseller, not as a "credit card processor" or "payment gateway" which would be a misrepresentation of the relationship.

Terminology for buttons, links or redirect pages to DalPay Retail that is acceptable:

"Buy Now"
"Buy from DalPay Retail"
"Add to Cart"

"Buy safely with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX..."

"Redirecting to buy from DalPay Retail..."
"Redirecting to buy via DalPay Checkout..."
"Redirecting you to DalPay..."

Terminology for buttons, links or redirect pages to DalPay Retail that is NOT acceptable:

"Pay Now" - NOT acceptable
"Click Here to Pay" - NOT acceptable
"Process Payment Now" - NOT acceptable

"Proceed to pay..." - NOT acceptable
"Secure payments" - NOT acceptable
"Pay safely using Visa, MasterCard, AMEX..." - NOT acceptable

"Redirecting you to pay..." - NOT acceptable
"Redirecting you to pay with DalPay" - NOT acceptable
"Redirecting you to payment gateway..." - NOT acceptable

Language that should be used on your site (preferably as early in the shopping process as possible, in your site FAQs and Terms of Service):

DalPay Retail is an authorized retailer of <Supplier Name>. +1877-8657746 will appear on your card statement.


DalPay Retail is an authorized retailer of goods and services supplied by <Supplier Name>. +1877-8657746 will appear on your card statement.


DalPay Retail is the reseller of services provided by <Supplier Name>. +1877-8657746 will appear on your card statement.

Your card issuer may charge you an International Service Fee. This fee is controlled and charged by your bank or card issuer, not by DalPay or its banks. Please refer to for details.

Language that should NOT be used on your site includes indicating DalPay Retail is a:

"Credit Card Processor" - NOT acceptable;
"Third Party Processor" - NOT acceptable;
"Payment Processor" - NOT acceptable; or
"Payment Gateway" - NOT acceptable.

It is important to note that failure to comply with DalPay Retail or credit card scheme requirements will jeopardize your ability to sell through DalPay Retail. Non-compliant sites are subject to immediate account suspension and/or termination.

Suppliers have artistic license to incorporate the relationship into the context of their site provided they do not misrepresent the relationship. If you are unsure about whether or not your site language is in compliance, Contact Us, we will be happy to provide assistance.

These Supplier Compliance Guidelines have been written as a supplement to the DalPay Retail 'Supplier Agreement and Operating Regulations' which are the controlling documents. In the case of an apparent contradiction between these Guidelines and the Operating Regulations and/or the Supplier Agreement, the Operating Regulations and Supplier Agreement shall control.

These Supplier Compliance Guidelines were last revised on January 1, 2012.
Version: 2.2.