We only make money
when you make money

No up-front fees
No monthly fees
No batch fees
No early closure fees
No dormant account fees

No hidden fees. The only fees we charge are the ones you see on this page.
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Account Establishment:

Account Compliance Charge*
USD 29.00

*Refunded in full after your first live order. Made using your company or personal credit or debit card.
This is to fulfill our obligations in identifying you to permit remote account opening.


Per Transaction Fees:

Retail Margin Per Transaction**
4.9% of the transaction total, plus USD 0.40*

*CASHU is 7.0% plus USD 0.50 per transaction.
**NOTE: Average rate offered for standard risk physically shipped items, and digital items or services. It depends on your business category and monthly sales volume.

Click here to receive an instant rate offer specific to your business.


Dispute Charges:

Fee for each Chargeback in Current Calendar Month
Less Than 1% For Last Calendar Month of Sales
USD 25.00
Greater than 1% For Last Calendar Month of Sales
USD 35.00
Greater than 1% For Last Calendar Month of Sales;
For each 'Non-delivery/Services Not Rendered', 'Not as Described/Defective Merchandise', 'Refund Not Processed', or 'Cancelled Recurring Transaction' chargeback
USD 50.00

+NOTE: Two or more chargebacks are required. The percentage is calculated based on the number of chargebacks to sale transactions over the previous month.


Fees for Sending Purchase Payment to Supplier:

International Suppliers

SEPA credit transfer (IBAN within EFTA/EU only)***
USD 10.00/EUR 8/GBP 7
SWIFT bank wire
USD 10.00

***NOTE: At the present time the maximum transfer amount per IBAN bank wire is EUR 50,000.

Many banks (even if they have their own SWIFT connection) use correspondent (intermediary) banks to receive bank wires. In that case the correspondent bank may charge a fee of their own that is outside of our banks' control as we send our wires to banks outside the EEA region as SWIFT BEN. Some respondent banks (in the United States for example) also charge a fee for receiving foreign bank wires.


Supplier Error Fees:

Return of Wire++
USD 15.00

++Each time a wire sent is returned due to an error in the wire instruction given to DalPay Retail by supplier


Minimum Purchase Payment:

Different categories of Supplier have different minimum release levels. Payment will be sent to Supplier once Supplier's Purchase Payments reach the Minimum Purchase Payment level. (You may specify a higher release level for your account.)

Standard International Supplier
USD 500/EUR 400/GBP 300/RMB 3,000/JPY 50,000
CAD 500/HKD 500/DKK 3,000/SEK 4,000/NOK 3,000
Icelandic Supplier
ISK 1000


Optional Services:

Custom Checkout Design for DalPay Checkout
USD 100.00

A design service to create a custom CSS design installed on our checkout pages matching your website's look and feel. Turnaround is within 24hrs. Three revisions prior to customer acceptance are included.
(Your experienced CSS designer can do this themselves based on our source files, without using our design service.)

Expedited Technical Support for Custom Integration
USD 100.00 per hour (with a two hour minimum order)

A coupon for up to two hours of integration support over Skype is already included free of charge to help you integrate DalPay with your site and complete website compliance. However, this support is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and must be used during the first month after you open your account.

To receive priority expedited technical support (i.e. scheduled within 1-6 hours of request) requires purchase of Expedited Technical Support.

This Supplier Fee Schedule was last revised on Jan 1, 2015.
Version: 3.3.